Monster Monday- October 28, 2013

For this Monday, I’ll share the small illustrations I created for a book I just finished called ‘Goblin Guild’. 



First off, the lowest rank goblin in the guild, a basic soldier. Most Goblins enter the Guild as a soldier since they don’t have skills writing or at magic. But many soldiers are need to pillage for treasures in human towns and villages.



Next up is the Goblin Guild scribe. Not to many goblins know how to write but the ones that do keep a diligent log of the relics and treasures collected on the village raids. 



There are some goblins trained in the art of stealth. Some treasures are locked away in vaults, but with a small unit of thieves it might not be there so long. These goblins are the few in the guild that are trained from masters in their art. 



Just like any other being in the world, goblins are capable in magic. The Goblin Guild has a small collection of spell books that wizards use to learn protective spells (to save soldiers from slaughter) and curses (to hurt the humans). There are few wizards in the Guild so they are highly respected. 



Goblin Pyromancers are used during and after a raid. They light fields of wheat on fire and human houses to the ground. There main goal is to cause so much destruction that no one would return, adding valuable land to the Guild’s property. 



Every Guild needs a hero, even the Goblin ones. The best soldiers, pyromancers, scribes, wizards, and thieves can be a hero to the Guild. Most of the heros lead their branch of the Guild or are lucky to live long enough to cash in on the Guild’s retirement program. 

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