Art Drop Day 2016

Last year I missed Art Drop Day and was determined to participate this year. Due to the holiday weekend and having to work the whole time, I wasn’t able to draw anything new to drop. I pulled out my box of finished drawings to fish for a small drawing to drop. I pulled out the goblin and knew where I wanted to drop it. I headed a few towns over to hide it among the RPG books at the local B&N.


Turns out I never scanned the drawing for whatever reason so enjoy the poor quality phone photo.


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2 responses to “Art Drop Day 2016

  1. DC

    Art Drop Day? You just randomly place a bit of art somewhere? With contact details or just blank? I’ve never heard of this!

    • People all over the world drop art for people to find to add something new to the day. A bunch of people do it year round when they visit other places and that such. But September 6th is a big art drop day

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