2015 Review

Another year has passed and a new year about to begin. When I think about the short term as in weeks or months, it can feel that accomplishing a goal is out of reach but looking back on 2015 I did a lot.

-Participated once again in Goblin Week on Tumblr, its hard to pass up a reason to draw goblins.

-Got a mentorship with Cory Godbey, transforming my process, tools, and exploration of narrative illustration.

-Finished my first sketchbook Songs of Fablewood, featuring numerous sketches, drawings and illustrations of a folklore inspired world populated by creatures.

-Successfully funded my first kickstarter to print Songs of Fablewood.

-Attended Illuxcon for the 3rd year, had a table at the showcase and got to meet up with many of the cool artists I met last year. Though it was a bummer that the whole time I was there I had no voice from allergy season.

-Attended NYCC for the first time in many years and had a great time. Got to meet my mentor Cory Godby and even made some awesome new Dungeons and Dragons friends.

-Finished another whole year of Monster Monday, 52 new monster/creature drawings.

-Had some of my artwork featured on Geek and Sundry’s website in a Critical Role gallery.

-Got to participate in Listen To Your Third Eye zine with a new 3 eyed troll witch.

For the upcoming year I plan to continue to make strides as an artist; fleshing out more of Fablewood and exploring the other parts/inhabitants of the world. I will also be pushing myself to get more professional work and not depend on my day job as my sole income. I also plan on writing more on my blog, I have really dropped the ball when it comes to adding my thoughts to blog posts.

All will take time but I’m sure 2016 will be just as successful as 2015.

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