Monster Monday- April 28, 2014


A new ink drawing for this weeks monster. It started out as an idea of what a Shambling Mound from Dungeon and Dragons Monster Manual 4.0. But it became more of a Fungus Behemoth. Originally the head was a different design it was similar to a log but after drawing the creature out, it made more sense that the character’s head be a mushroom. 

This weekend I’ll be at the Comic Book Shop of DE, for free comic book day. Stop by for free comics, star wars characters, comic artist and writers as well as illustrators. 


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2 responses to “Monster Monday- April 28, 2014

  1. How long does it take you to do these pictures on average?

    • It takes between 8-12 hours. That is sketching concepts, drawing, inking, scanning, and cleaning the piece up in photoshop. The size also matters, larger the illustration, the more detail and stuff adds a lot more time.

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