Starken- The Strong Ones

For a while now i’ve been drawing lots of creatures and have had no where to place them in a narrative context. Many of the things I draw I see in little worlds but it tends to be jumbled from one another. But now it’s all fitting together in as puzzle pieces. I’ve created a world called Orbis. Orbis is a giant continent (similar to pangea, when all land was one) where many of the creatures and characters now live. The land has diverse terrain, architecture, culture, and characters. Currently I’m working on a map of the world and when I introduce new content about Orbis, I can show exactly where cities and people live.

Today I introduce the Starken. Starken are strongly built beings with mystical tattoo markings. In Orbis, they are seen as Oracles able to see into the future with their cauldron pipes to read the smoke. Their tattoos are marks from an Oracle reading their future at birth to present, giving the wearer protection from negative events and grant good luck.


First designs of the Starken


Starken are nomads, remaining only a few months in one place during different seasons. They can be difficult to locate at times when traveling occurs. Some Starken live in the cities of Orbis, setting up Oracle shops in markets. But most like to travel with their tribes and don’t feel comfortable living in stone structures. 


Starken Oracle outside his tent


Starkens are not the warring type, they prefer to stay out of others affairs of battling over land. Since they are nomads, they feel no allegiance to any city state. Though they carry weapons to defend themselves against monsters, bandits, and attackers, they are rarely in war. It is thought because pacifist views.


Starken Citizen sketch


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4 responses to “Starken- The Strong Ones

  1. The Starken seem like a friendly folk

    • The Starken are open to visitors to their villages and are happy to host a celebration in one’s honor, after the Oracle has predicted a person’s future. And they receive a tattoo to grant the person good luck to continue or to change a negative situation to a good one.

      • Aw man, what if you have spiritual reasons of your own NOT to get tattoos. Would that offend the Starken?

      • Not all Starken have full body suits. Many have a few. There are Starken who don’t have tattoos, those tend to be Starken who live in cities. Starkens arent the judgmental type and wouldn’t turn anyone away because they are just trying to help a person read there future and don’t force there customs onto others, even other Starken.

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