Creating Lord Thunder Beard

Lord Thunder Beard started out as a drawing I did at work to pass the time. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to finish it.

ImageHere is the drawing I started at work. It was based off a sketch created in my sketchbook that I posted a while back. I spent a while on the drawing because I didn’t know I was going to end up finishing it.

ImageHere is the inked sketch that I scanned and cleaned up in photoshop. After I decided that I wanted to add some textures to the image to make it look more like a page from an old book. I used a textured filed and used color burn to change the color of the line art. 


Then the image is finished. I added a little text on the top of the characters name, Lord Thunder Beard. 




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6 responses to “Creating Lord Thunder Beard

  1. I am madly in love with this dwarf. He oozes style. And passion. Lots of passion. No but seriously, I like the way he’s drawn.

    • Thanks I’m glad you like the piece. Lord Thunder Beard may make an appearance in a project I have in the works.

      • Just an appearance? You should make him a lead character! 😉

      • Well lord thunder beard is a very important character in the narrative that I am working on. He is a lord of one of 5 mountains in the iron hall empire.

      • Color me intrigued. What kind of narrative? I mean, in what form? Something like The Other People?

      • i am glad you are interested. It is similar to The Other People in the sense of a loose narrative. It’s going to be a little history book of the Iron Halls first age, that ends with a massive battle with a troll king. It’s going to be a whole book of inked drawings on brown paper. It’s my big summer project.

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